The Reading Year so far


So this is equal parts exhilirating and embarrasing because you know, reasons. 

Obviously, the first half of this year has been one big spectacular failure so far when it comes to keeping this blog active and consistent with reviews but the completely ironic silver-lining on this is the fact that I’m doing pretty serious damage on my TBR pile and zooming into my reading list in the speed of light. Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little but seriously—2015 can possibly be my most productive year in reading yet.

2015 Goodreads Reading Challenge Update


See? I’m not being delusional—I’ve got stats to back it up. 

If you guys can see me now you’ll see this smug, self-satisfied grin all over my face because I’m confident that in the next month or so I would already succeed in reaching my goal of 50 books (I’ve never been 14 books ahead of schedule in all the years that I have participated in this challenge) and that means I can now stop being paranoid and finally devote time on catching up on writing my book reviews.

For the last three years I’ve always set 50 books as my reading goal and I never really had the courage to challenge myself with a higher number but perhaps this is a sign that next year I can finally be brave enough to dare to read MORE.

Monthly Wrap-Up Reviews (handy clickable linkies!)

  • Juvenile January (7 books) in which I’ve read an eclectic mix of middle-school novels and young adult books and learned that it’s finally time to say goodbye to some well-worn brand of teenage angst I’ve been holding onto for years and how I’ve come to understand that there are parts of me that wouldn’t grow up and would gladly stay a kid forever.
  • February & F-Words (7 books) in which I nearly killed myself with a lethal dose of excessive swooning courtesy of AMAZING fairy tale retellings that stole my heart and a love story that hurt and broke me in all the right places, swept me off my feet and took my breath away.
  • Misfits March (6 books) in which I shuffled between the minds and thoughts of kids who live in the fringes of what society considers normal–child geniuses, potential teenage suicide shooters, the bullied ones, the sidekicks of the popular high school royalty, eight-year old serial killers, the kids isolated by the government because of their superpowers—and got blown away by their  stories because what made them weird made them extraordinary.
  • Atta Girl! April (7 books) in which I’ve waged an all-out war against the summer heat by reading about the different kinds of heroines in fiction and discovered a newfound appreciation and respect for the modern depiction of the female protagonists of this era.
  • May  Midsummer Magic (5 books) [Wrap-Up Review Coming Soon!] In which I mentally traveled to different supernatural worlds and got rightfully mesmerized by the dazzling perks of fantasy and magical powers. There’s a book or two which made me grumpy with failed expectations but the rest are brilliant and strong contenders to be additions to my all-time favorites.
  • Joyful June (6 books) [Wrap-Up Review Coming Soon!] In which I attempt to kill myself for the second time via unhealthy doses of spazz-worthy, squealfest-inducing mix of historical romance novels and contemporary chick-lit. I’m still starry-eyed and dizzy from the grand declarations of eternal love and wild, sexy flirting and frolicking and aaahhhh all of these books are such delicious ways to die I honestly don’t even know why I’m still alive right now I just—

Fifteen Favorites so Far


►What’s Next?

For the month of July I am reading young adult novels about depression and suicide. I’m hoping to read five books this month and I’m currently in the first few chapters of book number five.

Up next, I’m absolutely looking forward to finishing five titles of Adult Contemporary novels in the mystery genre for the month of August. Detectives! Murders! Plot Twists! Yasssss!

September is my birthday month and I can’t make up my mind yet on whether I’ll read horror fiction or contemporary young adult romance but I’m leaning towards the former because I’m honestly not that wild about making myself feel glum about being single at age 25. Oh my god I’m turning halfway to fifty and wow yeah, I’ll probably be reading horror stories.

Tell me about your reading year so far! 



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