Unreturned Books & Other Heartbreaks


I. People do not know this, and I wish sometimes they would: that when I give or lend you a book, it means I have chiseled away a secret fragment of my heart and entrusted it in your hands; that when you fail or forget to return it to me, a part of me silently concedes to being incomplete forever. I’m a possessive bitch and I keep a record of things lost and gone. I have an inventory of faulty promises, of people who just suddenly forget to keep in touch for several years, of books that vanish into thin air. Continue reading


Punk Love Not Dead


Opening sentence, page one and I am already smitten. It’s always interesting to read about love and relationships as told from a guy’s point of view because you can clearly see the glaring, frighteningly obvious contrast from that of the female perspective. It’s highly amusing and at its very best, hilarious. Although it can be inevitably obnoxious at some points, whaddaya know, it can be surprisingly enlightening too. Note to self: See what reading with an open mind does?

“It would be nice to think that as I’ve got older, times have changed, relationships have become more sophisticated, females less cruel, skins thicker, reactions sharper, instincts more developed. But there still seems to be an element of that evening in everything that happened to me since; all my other romantic stories seem to be a scrambled version of that first one. Of course, I have never had to take that long walk again, and my ears have not burned with quite the same fury, and I have never had to count the packs of cheap cigarettes in order to avoid mocking eyes and floods of tears… not really, not actually, not as such. It just feels that way, sometimes.”

My expectations, I must say, had been met and so much more. I liked that Rob, our main character, is as genuine as he is unapologetic for being so. His candid humor in narrating the relationships that mattered the most in his life plus his unabashed, honest principles on women and dating make for a very potent, opinionated voice that speaks in behalf of all the laidback, passive-aggressive males of his generation. Continue reading